John Butler Wins Yoghurt Sound-alike Stoush

Australian folk-rocker John Butler Trio has settled with the creative team behind a yoghurt campaign whose sound-alike ad played to millions during the 2012 Super Bowl contest.

Perth-based Butler had challenged Poptent after the U.S. advertising agency’s campaign for Dannon Oikos carried a soundbed which sounded a deadringer for the artist’s song “Zebra”, the first single from the group’s 2003 album “Sunrise Over Sea” (Jarrah).

Butler is frontman of John Butler Trio, a multi-platinum, ARIA Award-winning chart-topper Down Under.

In a statement issued today by Butler’s PR team, both parties have reached a “satisfactory settlement” in relation to the song which “bore a strong similarity” to his work. The commercial will “no longer contain this particular piece of music and both parties are happy this issue is behind them,” the statement read.

Butler’s manager Philip Stevens declined to discuss whether a sum changed hands and offered no further comment.

The ad, which stars John Stamos, aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, and would have caught the eyeballs of more than 111 million football fans.

Soon after the game, the agency posted a note on Facebook which read, “A question about the music in our Super Bowl commercial has been brought to our attention.” It added, “We are working to fully understand and address the situation. We apologise for any concerns this has caused John Butler.”

The yoghurt ad campaign has since been taken down from YouTube.