McFadden: Delta collaboration a one-off

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Brian McFadden‘s new song Mistakes featuring real-time fiance Delta Goodrem may be all over radio this week, but don’t expect another collab any time soon.

Speaking exclusively with TMN, McFadden admits there’s little chance of collaboration given the separate musical paths the lovers-in-life are pursuing.

“We’ve tried to write some songs, but we’re clashing a bit more because our headspaces musically have gone in two different directions.”

Although McFadden contributed a fistful of songwriting credits to the 2007 Delta album, Mistakes is the pair’s first official single release since Almost Here, a #1 hit on the ARIA Singles chart in 2005.

“At the time of doing Delta and my last record Set in Stone, we were both close in our headspace of music,” says McFadden. “But I’ve gone completely for a synthetic, electro sound. Whereas she’s going back to her roots again. She’s gone more piano-oriented, which is almost ‘anti’ what’s happening at the moment in the industry.”

Mistakes is the third single from McFadden’s Top 30-charting album Wall Of Soundz, but it was initially intended as a solo track. That all changed on Goodrem’s suggestion that a female vocal would send the song into orbit.

“She came in and did a vocal and everyone just went crazy for it,” the former Westlife singer recalls. “Ironically,” he points out, “it’s a break-up song. It’s not even a love song. It’s a four-on-the-floor break-up song.”

With a #1 single to its credit (Just Say So), McFadden’s third solo album will be repackaged with bonus tracks for the Australian market, and will enjoy a staggered international roll-out through Universal Music Group later this year.

Keep an eye out for TMN’s in-depth interview in which the Irish singer discusses his pop reinvention, his new label, wedding bells and his thoughts on reuniting with Westlife.


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